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Trend Watch: 9 Sculptural Wooden Shop Interior Installations

timber shop offcuts

Interior designers are giving retail shops a boost of warm textures and a sense of connection to nature with complex wooden shop displays that go far beyond your average shelves and counters. Getting creative with timber, plywood, MDF and even waste offcuts, designers create rooms within rooms, floor-to-ceiling installations and ceiling treatments that complement the shops’ merchandise with the beauty of wood.

Portuguese Boutique by Bruno Lucas Dias

timber shop lucas 1

timber shop lucas 2

A lightweight timber frame adds lots of interest to this white-painted boutique in Portugal, accented with matching house-shaped wooden displays.

Kayanyoa Shop Interior by Kengo Kuma

timber shop kuma

timber shop kuma 2

Architect Kengo Kuma transformed the very same barrels used to age this soy sauce shop’s product into a dramatic ceiling installation, and built a simple and elegant system of wooden counters for the floor.

Heinemann Duty Free Shop by GRAFT

timber shop graft

timber shop graft 2

timber shop graft 3

This unusually shaped structure by GRAFT welcomes customers in to meander around stacked displays of wine bottles and other items at a duty-free store.

FEIT Shoe Shop by Jordan Maisie

timber shop feit

timber shop feit 2

Perfectly stacked and spaced CNC-cut sheets of plywood provide dynamic visuals, offer up a variety of surfaces and direct the eye right to the product.

Wakaka Store by Penda

timber shop penda

timber shop penda 2

The basis of this installation may be a simple wooden cube, but the resulting arrangement is anything but ordinary, providing tons of shelves to show off electronics.

Camper Store by Kengo Kuma

timber shop camper kuma

timber shop camper kuma 2

The way these sheets of plywood descend from the walls into the center of a shoe store is reminiscent of the video game Tetris.

Pigment Arts Store by Kengo Kuma

timber shop pigment

timber shop pigment 2

A sculptural wooden ceiling undulates above beautifully arranged art supplies at the Pigment Arts Store by Kengo Kuma.

Timber Offcut Installation by Yamazi Kentaro Design Workshop

timber shop offcuts 2

timber shop offcuts 3

The bottom floor of a department store in a town known for its timber production gets a clever and sustainable installation in the form of scraps and remnants from lumber mills modeled into flooring and custom furniture.

Sandra Weil Store by Zeller & Moye

timber shop zeller

timber shop zeller 2

Clean and unfussy, these vertical planks stretch from the floor to the ceiling of the Sandra Weil Store as a backdrop for the season’s garments.


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