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Trend Watch: Under-Finished Wood Products More Popular Than Ever

Under Finished Wood Trend 1

Even as the world around us gets more and more high-tech and ultramodern design pushes synthetic materials and surfaces, consumers are quietly returning to the comfort and natural beauty of barely-finished wood. The Woodworking Network notes a trend of rustic wood treatments in a range of products, including decor and furniture.

Under Finished Wood Trend 2

Wood products are often left in an almost entirely natural state to foster a connection with the trees from which they came, and add an organic, handcrafted feel to any setting. Many woodworkers leave the edges of wood raw, lightly stain or seal it instead of painting it, add distressed finishes or reclaim previously used wood.

Just browse the handmade goods marketplace to get a sense of the possibilities. Crafters offer everything from salvaged signs and tree-slice candle holders to hand-turned wooden bowls and large-scale furniture. The beauty of rustic wood is that it’s equally at home in virtually any interior design style, including country, cabin, cottage, contemporary and modern settings

Photos:  Rachael Towne, YeWoodSmyth


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