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Trend Watch: Wood Makes Waves in Modern Architecture

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Feature

Scroll through major architecture and design blogs like ArchDaily, Dezeen and Design Boom and you’ll notice a common theme among many new modern structures: warm wood facades. The coldness of steel and concrete, which was the design standard for decades, is giving way to the welcoming character of all varieties of wood, including Eastern White Pine. Not only is this an aesthetic choice that can make everything from private residences to massive museums and skyscrapers feel less cold and imposing, it can also be a greener option.

Wood that has been grown and harvested sustainably can be integrated into modern architecture in the form of exterior and interior siding, as it has been used in more conventional structures for centuries. It can also create beautifully curved, undulating shapes. The hottest trend that’s producing some of the most dazzling buildings ever seen is wood facades, wherein screens of wood are placed outside steel and glass exterior walls to provide shade and privacy. These facades can significantly lower a building’s energy consumption, and add tons of visual interest. Check out a gallery of some notable projects below.

Al Bahar Towers

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Al Bahar 1

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Al Bahar 2

Cloud House

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Cloud House

Carabanchel Housing

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Carabanchel

National Assembly for Wales

EWP Modern Wood Architecture National Assembly Wales

YTL Residence

EWP Modern Wood Architecture YTL

Letterbox House

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Letterbox

Hotel Liesma

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Hotel Liesma

Urban Housing in Nieuw Leiden

EWP Modern Wood Architecture Niuew Leiden


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