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Unusual Effects with Eastern White Pine: ‘Cloud’ Ceiling Planks

Cloud Eastern White Pine Faux Finish
Straightforward paint or stain application can certainly be a beautiful way to showcase the natural charm of Eastern White Pine, but it’s not the only way. Consider getting creative with experimental finishes that add a serious ‘wow’ factor to an interior space. This particular paint finish, called ‘Cloud9’, is definitely eye-catching when placed alongside black beams.

Cloud Eastern White Pine Faux Finish 2

Johnson City, Tennessee company Historic Flooring starts with a lightweight Eastern White Pine and mills it to half inch thickness, beveling the edges and lightly sanding the surface while preserving all of the original character, like saw kerfs.

Cloud Eastern White Pine Faux Finish 3

Craftsmen then strategically apply a special blend of gray, cream and white paints in rough, rustic layers that mimic the sky on a cloudy day. The result is almost iridescent: with the right lighting, it seems to come alive.

Pine is a particularly suitable wood for faux finishes. Its soft surface readily accepts paint and stain, so the possibilities are virtually endless. Pickling, the use of diluted paint, is a popular treatment for pine because the surface easily soaks up the paint for an even finish. Pine is also easy to distress with strategic sanding.


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