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Volunteers Build a Shingled Wooden Hut to Promote Co-Working in Nature

Dotting mountains, hills, valleys and meadows across Europe, tiny cabins invite the public to get comfortable and enjoy the natural scenery. Most of these structures are simple wooden huts providing basic shelter to hikers, skiers and other adventurers braving remote environments, but others are easier to reach. In the Old Village of Armenis in Romania, a shingled wooden cabin called the Muma Hut has become the prototype for a planned set of cottages that encourage co-working in nature.

The process of building the Muma Hut was just as important as the result. A local ranger named Danu dreamed of rebuilding his childhood treehouse, and architect Miodrag Stoioanov wanted to help. Their creation supports a WWF initiative to re-wild the area, where around 80 bison were recently reintroduced, and boost ecotourism in the region. The Muma Hut is an example of what nature-driven sustainable development can look like in wild places like these. 

Over several weekends between May and August 2020, a group of local volunteers came together to bring the Muma Hut to life. Not only did this design-build workshop result in the completion of the project, it helped teach the volunteers crucial building skills that have faltered alongside the tradition of collectively raising homes in the community. 

“The hut aims to be an example of shape – an ‘orchard room’ and the materials used, which are purchased from the area to revitalize traditional practices. Wood was used for the structure/enclosures as well as shingles, made locally by the nephew of an old craftsman. The locals provided food and transport for the volunteers, giving them a taste of traditions. “

This particular hut features beds and a lounging area for visitors who want to take in the idyllic landscape, and will serve as a model for additional WeWilder cabins in the future.


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