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Warm Wood and Neo-Traditionalism: Design Trends for 2020

warm wood eastern white pine floor

It’s 2020, and new interior decor trends are already ramping up! If you’ve been yearning for a return to traditionalism, you’re in luck. Designers and trend watchers have some interesting predictions for the year, and many of them pertain to wood.

Farmhouse and Colonial Styles

farmhouse style

American classics like the Windsor chair never really went anywhere, but colonial and farmhouse styles will be more visible than ever this year thanks to renewed popularity. “Farmhouse-style home” was one of Google’s top search terms of 2019, characterized by simple, rustic pieces made primarily of wood and metal. Something tells us Joanna and Chip Gaines have something to do with this…

For colonial style inspiration, check out our extensive library of White Pine Monographs, which are full of photos of colonial homes!

Hello, Warm Wood!

A love for Scandinavian modern minimalism has led to the popularity of very pale blonde and ash wood tones in recent years, while warm wood stains and finishes were out of fashion. Expect to see a lot more oak, cherry, walnut and “pumpkin pine” shades in design magazines and on HGTV this year as trends lean back toward rich, cozy and inviting atmospheres.

Pine takes warm brown stains beautifully, especially if you love a textural, rustic finish. All the better to complement your new farmhouse-style dining table, huh?

A Return to Heirlooms

windsor chair

Cheap, IKEA-style furniture that doesn’t last is out. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Longevity is in” instead. Nobody wants a piece of furniture that’s going to fall apart within a year or two, so more people are saving up for heirloom-quality pieces that can be handed down over generations. That’s great news for craftspeople, and it goes hand in hand with a renewed love for colonial-style pieces.

Responsibly Sourced Materials


Homeowners are growing more environmentally conscious just as responsibly sourced wood is easier to access than ever. People want materials with traceable origins, and many “are seeking natural wood floors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which sets standards for responsible forest management, and floors that are finished with nontoxic wax or oil,” according to

And while we’re on the topic of wood floors – this year’s trends include high variation in darks and lights, lots of hard scraped and distressed textures, natural finishes and creative patterns like herringbone and diagonal. Flooring Inc. says people will be looking for wide planks this year, preferably crafted from sustainable and American-made wood. Check out this gorgeous “hit or miss” Eastern White Pine floor from Carlisle as a great example.

Read more about the sustainability of Eastern White Pine and what makes wood responsibly sourced.


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