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Weekend Project: Build an Inexpensive DIY Pine Lumber Greenhouse

pine greenhouse 1

Spring is officially here, according to the calendar – but in most parts of the United States, it’s still a bit too cold to plant many crops directly into the ground. If you need a sunny, insulated space to start some seedlings, a greenhouse is ideal, but you don’t have to build anything complicated or purchase an expensive kit from the hardware store. If you’re relatively handy, you can build a simple, affordable greenhouse out of pine lumber and plastic sheeting.

pine lumber greenhouse

Rob of Bepa’s Garden came up with a nice looking, sturdy design for a pine greenhouse project made of untreated 2”x3” pine lumber and 6ml greenhouse plastic. The structure measures 6’10” by 8’ and cost less than $150 to build, including hardware.

The pine is protected by the plastic, and the structure is large enough for for lots of plants on its two interior shelves, with storage space underneath for tools, soil and other items. A full-sized door is built into the side, and there’s a window opening on the opposite wall to help regulate the interior temperature as it gets warmer.

pine lumber greenhouse 2

Rob reports that his greenhouse has held up remarkably well for its low cost, still doing great after three years of exposure to bitterly cold, snowy Northeast winters. The full plans are available as a download on Etsy for $17.99.


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