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Weirdest Wooden Skyscraper? Design for London Features Numerical Facade

wooden skyscraper 1

The wooden skyscraper trend is really taking off in 2016, with dozens of projects in various stages of planning, and many more concepts and proposals released by designers on a near-weekly basis. But none have been quite as creative and decorative as this one from Anders Berenson Architects, envisioned for Stockholm, Sweden. The Trätoppen Tower will be built almost entirely from cross-laminated timber (CLT) and features a numerical facade identifying each of its 40 stories in bold fashion for an effect that’s as ornate as any decorative screen.

wooden skyscraper 2

Set to be the tallest building in the city center, the tower is named after the Swedish word for ‘treetop,’ and will perch atop an existing parking garage by architect Hans Asplund. Two levels of the extension will be open to the public as terraces, and the rest will serve as private residences. The seven-story car park will be renovated to contain shopping areas, restaurants and cafes.

owden oskyscraper 5 wooden skyscraper 4

While it’s beautiful, the wooden screen doesn’t just serve a decorative purpose. It’s designed to reduce solar gain, helping to keep the interior cool and comfortable.

wooden skyscraper 7 wooden skyscraper 8

“If we want to reduce the amount of cars in the city center of Stockholm and at the same time make space for more housing without building on green areas, then replacing car parks with housing, shops and restaurants feels obvious,” say the architects.


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