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White Pine Custom Closets: Inspirational Organization

Eastern White Pine Custom Closets 1

Just as it’s ideal for any other kind of cabinetry, Eastern White Pine makes a great choice as a main material for custom closets, whether you’re building your walk-in dream closet or adding new doors to an existing closet.  It’s less expensive than most other solid woods, yet stronger and more aesthetically appealing than synthetic materials and composites.

Carpenters love working with Eastern White Pine because it’s so easy to cut and carve, plus you can paint or stain it virtually any color for effects ranging from the subtle and natural to the dramatic. It’s lightweight and strong, holding up under heavy loads of clothes and shoes.

Eastern White Pine Custom Closets 2

Many custom closet manufacturers offer white pine as an option when designing the perfect closet based on customer specifications. The black-painted modern closet seen above was crafted from Eastern White Pine by Jaffa Group. The top photo, showing a rustic custom closet by Artistic Design for Living, offers up inspiration for contrasting finishes.

Eastern White Pine Custom Closets 3

Delnero Custom Furniture Company of New York builds beautiful hand-crafted built-in closet cabinets that can be inserted into existing closet space, or stand alone in rooms without closets.


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