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Wide Plank Eastern White Pine: Flooring for Every Interior Style

Wide Plank White Pine Floors main

Searching for the perfect flooring wide plank flooring for easy installation, no-fuss maintenance and lots of character? Wide plank Eastern White Pine is a durable American classic, developing its own unique character and actually growing more durable with use as the years pass.

Wide Plank EWP Bingham

Wide Plank EWP Bingham 2

These two examples from Bingham Flooring are classically beautiful. Here’s what the company has to say about it:

“Wide Plank Eastern White Pine Flooring has been a staple in the Bingham family for over 69 years. Harvested from Northeastern White Pine timber, our white pine flooring is produced in a few choice grades. Our select grade white pine will feature small pin-hole knots, varying grain patterns and a crisp white appearance. Our more traditional Sawyer’s Cut grade will contain varying degrees of sound, tight and red knot structure, varying grain patterns and a creamy white appearance. Eastern White Pine is our widest plank flooring option available and can be textured, distressed or stained to give an antique or ‘worn’ appearance.”

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Carslisle hit or miss

Carlisle shows how “hit or miss” white pine has a distressed, authentic old world look to it that reproduces the characteristics of centuries-old milling techniques used when watermills along river ways would saw pine logs into boards.

“Manufacturing capabilities were not quite as refined as they are today so the machinery would ‘skip’ across the boards, leaving original saw marks. At the time, if you were using these boards in your home you would hand scrape or sand these marks out, but our craftsmen re-create this skip milling here today and preserve it with our ‘Hit or Miss’ surface. This floor is popular for reclaimed wood enthusiasts who want wider boards or need something a little more economical. To create the most authentic look, consider a medium to dark stain to best reveal the rustic saw marks and our authentic hand-cut nails.”

Stonewood EWP flooring

Stonewood EWP wide plank

Wide plank white pine flooring from Stonewood Products has a gorgeous knotty look in shiplap profile.

“Eastern White Wide Pine Plank floors are a softwood that grows in the Northeast US and eastern Canada. It is an appearance grade wood that is typically chosen for its warm tones and knotty character. It is sold in both clear and knotty grades, with the clear being more formal and the knotty being more casual. As a wide pine floor, it picks up the character and reflects the lives of those who are using it!”

Want even more? Check out 10 Examples of Beautiful Eastern White Pine Wide Plank Flooring.

Top image via Stonewood Products


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