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Wooden Bicycle Frame Absorbs Vibration for a Smoother Ride

wood bicycle frame 1

How many products could actually see an improvement in performance if they were made of wood? As this project proves, bicycles are a perfect example, with a solid wood frame absorbing vibrations for a smoother, more pleasant ride. Amsterdam-based designer Paul Timmer created a bicycle out of solid ash without any veneer or plywood enhancements, and the final product weighs just over 24 pounds.

wood bicycle frame 2

The single-speed bike features an unusual forked design that results in a refreshingly simple silhouette. The wood is left natural, giving it visual dominance. It’s contrasted with matte black on the wheels, pedals, seat and handlebars.

Timber explains that wood wasn’t used simply because it’s affordable and easily accessible – he chose it because it’s the best material for the job. “It is the only construction material made by mother earth,” he says. “This bike can be as strong as a steel one. But it has to be designed better than a steel bike. As always, the challenges are in the details.”

wood bicycle frame 3

What other everyday items that are typically made from other materials could be improved by the use of wood?