New Mobile Access Features at

This month, NELMA is pleased to make available a broader accessibility to member-specific information.  While all Mobile Homepage NELMA’s information has been viewable online via a desktop/laptop computer for years, we have extended access to the “Members Area” on any smartphone or tablet device through a revision of the NELMA Mobile website version.  Information exclusive for members posted to this area includes past NELMA Convention presentations, FEA Economic Forecast presentations, Marketing Program Updates, and Forest Industry Reports of Interest plus more.  Members may continue to use their standard login information to enjoy this mobile-friendly enhancement.  Of course, the vast library of NELMA information is still available via the desktop and mobile site without a login.

In addition to the mobile member login, NELMA has brought back the “Board Feet Converter” by popular demand.  This simplified version converts lumber and timber sizes, and quantity to board feet.  A handy tool for many that use lumber and need an easy-to-use converter to board feet online.  Take a look!

Stay tuned for additional enhancement of NELMA’s overall online presence in the future!