Revised NELMA Grading Rules Book Now Available!

NELMA is pleased to announce the availability of the 2017 edition of the Standard Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber.  This newFinal Book Cover version includes a number of important revisions from the 2013 edition.  Of particular interest:

  • Integration of all approved product grade rules and species listed within the 2007 Standard Grading Rules of the Northern Softwood Lumber Bureau (NSLB), not previously listed within the NELMA Grade Book.
  • Incorporation of the “General Definitions & Instructions for Grading Eastern White Pine Boards”—The Interpretations – within the Book as new Section 12.  Color photography.
  • Incorporation of the “National Grading Rule for Softwood Dimension Lumber – Interpretations” within the Book as new Section 13.
  • Listing of Norway Spruce as an approved species under the SPF (south) grouping.

Please note that none of the grading rule parameters for Eastern White Pine or Dimension Lumber have changed since the 2013 Grades Booklet.

Copies of the 266-page Grading Rules book may be ordered from NELMA for $15.00 each (+ S&H) by phone: 207-829-6901, fax: 207-829-4293, or email your request to: