Lumber Shipments by NELMA Mills Continues Record Pace

Through the first 9 months of 2017, shipments of lumber from NELMA mills continue to outpace 2016’s totals.  A total of 702 million board feet of northeastern softwoods was shipped to the marketplace January through September of this year.  This represented 377.5 million board feet of Dimension lumber, primarily construction lumber stamped SPFs, and 324.7 million board feet of Eastern White Pine.  Both totals exceed the same period last year by 2.5% and the highest quantity of shipments in 10+ years.

A graph for both species groups is provided below that indicates the monthly trends since 2007:


Q3 Dimension GraphQ3 EWP Graph

Shipments Top 900 million for 2015!

Total shipments from NELMA’s lumber manufacturers in 2015 exceeded 900 million board feet (MBF), the largest volume reported since 2006!  Both Dimension lumber (primarily Spruce-Pine-Fir species) and Eastern White Pine lumber reached 9-year highs, with 494.0 MBF and 420.2 MBF of shipments reported to NELMA, respectively.  The year ended with a total of 914.2 MBF, up 7.2% over the same period in 2014

Comparing figures from the previous year shows that Dimension lumber accounted for the lion’s share of the increase year-to-year, with a 13% gain in shipments.  Eastern White was up from 2014 but only by 1.1%

The graphics below depict annual shipment volumes by year along with Dimension and Eastern White Pine visuals by month since 2007.

Total Shipments Graph Year End

Dimension Year End ChartEastern White Pine Year End

Northeastern Softwood Lumber Shipments Rise in First Half of 2015

Led by the highest volume of Dimension lumber in more than 8 years, total shipments of lumber from NELMA member mills for the first 6 months of 2015 totaled 444.9 million board feet. Dimension lumber, primarily construction grade material produced from species within the Spruce-Pine-Fir grouping, accounted for 54% of the overall total, or 241.9 million board feet. Shipments of Eastern White Pine made up the remaining 46% (203 million board feet), predominately appearance grade boards.

Compared to the same period of 2014, Dimension shipments are up a whopping 19.5%, while Eastern White Pine matched the previous year’s total. Overall, 2015 shipments were up by 9.7% versus the first 6 months of 2014.

Shipments by month for 2007-2015 are depicted in the graphs below for both Dimension and Eastern White Pine lumber:

EWP Shipment Graph
Note: The 2015 shipment data line is not visible for some months as the data is running mostly parallel to 2013’s shipments

Dimension Lumber Graph