From the Woodshed: Building Tips, Candid Conversations & More with Maine Cabin Masters

If you’re not listening to this podcast, you’re missing out. The Maine Cabin Masters crew, famous for their television show of the same name on the DIY Network, hosts a weekly conversation called From the Woodshed, and you can find the whole series on YouTube. Hosted by builder Chase Morrill and his family of “Maine’rs,” who also own and operate the Kennebec Cabin Company, the podcast covers all things related to cabins, carpentry and Maine itself.

Some of our favorite episodes include an interview with Zachary Fowler, the Season 3 winner of History Channel’s “Alone;” an interview with Maine Cabin Masters co-star Ashley Eldridge about what goes on behind the scenes of the show; reminiscing about the pilot episode with longtime friend “Wild Bill” Davenport and talking to Kennebec Cabin Company crew members about what it’s like to work with the Cabin Masters.

In between podcast episodes you’ll find shorter videos, like “A few of Ashley’s favorite things,” and a series in which fan questions are answered. Those include things like, ‘do the Maine Cabin Masters work outside the state?’ And ‘How do I submit my own cabin to be worked on by the crew?’

The podcast series is a fun way to get to know the Maine Cabin Masters better, learn about all sorts of cool projects happening in the state and get some helpful pointers about doing DIY work on your own camp. NeLMA is a proud sponsor of From the Woodshed.

Maine Cabin Masters season 6 premiered earlier this year, and you can watch episodes on-demand on Hulu, Sling TV, Discovery Plus and Amazon Prime Video.

Maine Cabin Masters Partners with NELMA @ International Builders Show

As part of the Wood, Naturally exhibit at this year’s mega International Builders Show (IBS), NELMA’s corner of the 20’x30’ space included a day with the stars of the hit DIY Network Show, Maine Cabin Masters.   Fans from all over the US and Canada stopped by for autographs and photos with the primary characters of the show, Chase and Ashley Morrill, and Ryan Eldridge.  This PR moment was the culmination of several months of work between Kim Drew, NELMA’s agent, and the show’s producers.  The mutually-beneficial event drew additional visitors to the entire exhibit while offering the show’s stars an opportunity to meet and greet their viewers.  “While it’s no secret that the show uses a ton of Eastern White Pine in their cabin and home renovations, having these personalities learn more about NELMA and how we promote the species may lead to additional opportunities in the future”, stated Jeff Easterling, President of NELMA.  “We certainly enjoyed hosting these creative, builder-savvy personalities in our exhibit.”

Regarding this year’s IBS event, held January 9-11 in Orlando, more than 85,000 professionals within the design and construction industry were in attendance from around the world.  NELMA’s Eastern White Pine Swatch and Pattern Booklet continue to garner attention by builders and designers as useful hands-on reference tools.  More than 1,500 companies exhibited within the South and West halls of the Orange County Convention Center.

Continued funding by the Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) provided NELMA the opportunity to be part of the Wood, Naturally exhibit space, shared with other wood product associations that included the Southern Forest Products Association, the Western Wood Products Association, the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, and the Western Wood Preservers Institute.