Virtual Tour Door #5 – Country Bar

NELMA’s Virtual Tour of Homes and Businesses keeps expanding, with the addition of Door #5 to the series on the website.  The new door explores the use of Eastern White Pine within a bar/restaurant setting in wall and trim applications, basically surrounding customers with the warmth and positive feel that only wood can provide.  The use of wood in commercial settings is on the rise, particularly in restaurants, taverns, and bars!

Take this latest 360-degree, self-guided virtual tour of the Country Bar by clicking here.  And while there, look for the SPFs usage nugget within the structure!

Door No. 4 Added to Eastern White Pine’s Virtual Tour

The recent addition of Door No. 4 to NELMA’s Virtual Tour expands the showcase of Eastern White Pine usage in construction to nowHorse Barn Door Only include the first Industrial case study.  “Horse Barn” takes the viewer on a 360-degree tour of a very unique facility built as a therapeutic horse riding facility for children and adults.  More than 12,000 board feet of Eastern White Pine 1×6 Premium Grade, Edge & Center Bead pattern material was used on the interior of what should be called a horse “mansion”.  The product was manufactured by NELMA-member, Durgin & Crowell of New London, New Hampshire.

horse barn1To amplify this promotional activity, the details of the project were turned over to NELMA’s PR Agent, Kim Drew, for article development and eventual coverage by selected trade press.  The result was a major hit from Commercial Architecture magazine who published the article and photos in full, under the title of Wood Gallops Full Circle in Riding Facility.  Commercial Architecture reaches 45,000 architects, engineers, contractors, and owners involved in commercial construction. Read the full article here.

“This is an excellent example of getting the most from our marketing efforts”, Jeff Easterling, NELMA President, stated.  “From receipt of project information from a NELMA member mill, to incorporating it into an existing promotional vehicle, then turning it into a well-received press article for additional exposure with a targeted audience.”

See What’s Behind Door No. 2

NELMA is pleased to offer Door No. 2 in our Virtual Home Tour series, now available for viewing on the Association’sHome Page Eastern White Pine exclusive website.  This new doorway is appropriately titled “Modern Home” to fit its high-end, open style floorplan that comfortably meets today’s family needs.  Using this interactive technology portal provides the viewer with a 360 degree view of each room that is included on the tour.  Information icons located throughout the home provide specific Eastern White Pine product size & grade details, and type of finish that was used to create the final look.

Multiple messages are contained within this unique visual marketing tool.  First, to show viewers that the use of Eastern White Pine for interior application in new home construction can be a contemporary, pleasing concept (It’s use is way beyond your grandparent’s cabin by the lake or that 1960’s family game-room in the basement!).  Secondly, to showcase the unlimited versatility of Eastern White Pine as shown in the details of each room.  And thirdly, to provide specific information on how to specify and finish a wall, floor, or ceiling to mimic the same “look” and feel of a room with just a click on the “i” buttons strategically located in highlighted areas.  A real design idea generator!

The warm, positive feel of wood is unmatched when directly compared with non-wood, alternative finishing materials for a home.  This long-known fact has officially been proven in recent research; Here are the report details.

Look for Door No. 3 to be added soon!