Vertical Pine Gives This Fun Home Addition a Modern Look

Green House FAB Architects

Here’s an architectural style you don’t see paired with more traditional houses very often. In the UK, it’s become popular in recent years to add extensions to row houses that might be more than two centuries old, extending the homes into their fenced back gardens. But this one stands out from all the rest for its unusual proportions and vertical pine siding.

Pine siding detail

Designed by FAB Architects, the Croydon extension “reinvigorates” the existing house to create more space for a growing family. Fittingly, it has a playful, youthful feel. The simplicity of its shapes and the natural tones of the wood provide a nice contrast against the older white home.

Green House interior pine battens

Green House FAB Architects modern pine

“The design extends the living space, creating a high vaulted space at the rear drawing with porthole windows bringing much-needed light into the open-plan kitchen and dining area. Arched openings are used to obscure structural elements whilst serving to zone the space into a cook, eat and play. Timber cladding inside and out adds definition to the simple, playful geometries which are designed to excite and inspire the client’s children.”

Green House modern vertical pine siding

The interiors are just as striking. We especially love how they carried the vertical pine inside, laying battens against the finished drywall to create a striped pattern. It’s a creative use of affordable materials that are easy to find locally!

Cantilevered Modern Home Clad in Pine

Slenio Villa cantilevered modern pine home

Pine is one of the most popular choices for modern architecture and interior design. This dramatically cantilevered contemporary home shows off the versatility of this natural, sustainable material.

Clad entirely in vertical pine, “Valley Villa” is a residence located in Vilnius, Lithuania by architecture firm Arches. The clients wanted a relaxing residence highlighting the beauty of the surrounding hilly landscape. The elongated gabled shape of the house paired with the simple, streamlined siding gives it an angular look that perfectly complements the contours of the land.

Slenio Villa pine outside Slenio Villa from back

The ground floor, covered in black shale, is tucked into the earth toward the back of the home, while the upper story juts out into the air to make the most of the views. Pine louvers shade parts of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Slenio Villa pine detail

“Just a few hundred meters from the busy city street, you will find yourself in a unique park setting. Peace and harmony of nature. This sensation is further enhanced by the natural valley, the old ragweed. Sunny slope of the valley. The rainforest. The site of a former wooden homestead. Regional Park Area. Limitations of the architectural expression of the area and the clients’ vision to live in a modern house are the main starting points. How do you balance all of this?”

“The proposed solution maximally retreats to the sunny slope of the forest. The new volume is being designed at the site of the former homestead. The existing slope and all valuable trees on the site are preserved. The building “hangs” above the valley, opening into continuous windows. The plinth floor partially hides the slope. Thanks to its black slate finish, it thrives in the shadows of the forest. Only the ground floor volume is finished with natural wood. The laconic, sculptural form of the volumes interprets the silhouette of a traditional gable house. Volume partitioning, changing volume shapes, humane proportions, the harmony of glass and wood create the impression of lightness. Internal spaces echo volume shapes. The seamless natural finish of the façade and roof creates a sense of form integrity. Material and colorful, the building is set against the backdrop of a forest and a slope.”

Slenio villa vertical pine siding Slenio Villa modern pine house

“Volume splitting creates micro spaces – yards. It is a house in nature. Therefore, all the main premises have exits to outdoor spaces – patios. They are located at different levels. Creates a sense of immediacy and privacy, allowing you to enjoy both the morning and evening sun. The first floor cantilevered volume creates a covered patio. The first floor showcase is partially covered with vertical wooden blinds. They protect the building from overheating, make the façade lively and become an integral part of the interior. To minimize intervention in the natural valley, a lawn and natural granite access to the building have been designed. Only a narrow track is exhibited. The plot is surrounded by a maximum openwork metal fence, existing trees are preserved. Exclusively natural finishes have been selected for consistency. The main volume finishing material is Kebony treated pine wood. It is an attempt to interpret the traditional wooden Lithuanian farmhouse building.”

Lake House in Casco: A Rustic Showcase of Eastern White Pine

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.45.53 PM

Built by M.R. Brewer using lumber from Hancock and featured on Houzz, this showcase of Eastern White Pine is a total dream home. Designed with a rustic mountain style that fits right into the forested setting, the craftsman-style home features Eastern White Pine exterior siding, as well as Eastern White Pine interior paneling, trim and wall coverings. The architects painted the siding graphite gray for a rocky tone that echoes the stone hardscaping outside, with a deep fir green trim accented by hints of a complementary golden brown.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.45.29 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.45.42 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.56.30 PM

Entitled ‘Lake House in Casco,’ the home is a treasure trove of custom millwork showing off the capabilities of Eastern White Pine. Nearly every interior surface, short of the countertops and chimney, is made of wood, with the pine’s characteristic knots adding a dynamic sense of texture to the overall composition of the home.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.46.20 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.46.49 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.55.50 PM

Hancock Lumber and M.R. Brewer are both based in Portland, Maine. Check out a full gallery of this extraordinary residence at the builder’s website.

Wavy-Edge Eastern White Pine Siding Adds Rustic Charm to Lakeside Home

Wavy Edge Siding Home 500

Wavy-edge siding has a bit more visual flair than standard siding, lending a rustic, hand-finished look with lots of charm. This type of siding leaves a bit of the wood’s natural character intact, cut at an angle along the log edge of the board. While it would be wholly expected on a rustic hunting cabin, it offers even more impact on a larger, more luxurious home, like this one on Lake Keowee in South Carolina.

Wavy Edge Siding Home 2

Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards is a luxury development filled with individually designed homes, each tailored to the individual needs and tastes of the owners but also reflecting the woodsy lakeside aesthetic.

Wavy Edge Siding Home 3

This particular home, designed by Summerour Architects, features wavy-edged Eastern White Pine siding finished in Manchester tan to blend in with the natural surroundings. Accents of stone and brick, and lots of rich wooden details throughout the interior, enhance the cozy feel.

Wavy Edge Siding Home 4

Virtually any mill or retailer offering Eastern White Pine lumber products can provide wavy-edged siding. Locate a lumber retailer at

Sanctuary: Cozy Vermont Home is an Eastern White Pine Showcase

EWP Sanctuary 1

The character of Eastern White Pine shines through in every wooden surface of Sanctuary, a beautiful Shaker-style home in Burlington, Vermont. This 1,850-square-foot, three-bedroom home by Cushman Design Group is a sustainable getaway with rustic charm and contemporary comfort, featuring large plate-glass windows that look out onto the tranquil meadow setting.

EWP Sanctuary 4

The owners, Demaris Wehr and David Hart, wanted a design that would connect thematically and emotionally with the woodland Vermont setting. They showed the architects an image of a fairy house in Wales as inspiration, and the result is an inviting modernized interpretation. Cushman Design Group, of Vermont, often features Eastern White Pine in their creations, ranging from modern homes and historic-style barns to commercial interiors.
EWP Sanctuary 2
Locally harvested Eastern White Pine is the star of the show here, from the exterior siding to the kitchen cabinets. All natural wood surfaces in the home are treated with polymerized tung oil rather than oil-based urethanes for a greener finish that highlights the beauty of the wood.

EWP Sanctuary 3

All of these surfaces, including the shiplap ceiling and the wide-plank floors, were custom-built. The countertops are heart pine, procured from standing dead trees. The Eastern White Pine surfaces even extend to the furniture, with built-in dressers, shelving and bathroom vanities.

Photographs by Susan Teare, used with permission

Eastern White Pine Siding Adds Eco-Friendly Warmth and Character

Eastern White Pine Cushman Goose Farm 3

Known for its characteristic knots, Eastern White Pine is a versatile building material for both indoor and outdoor applications. This sustainable softwood is becoming an increasingly popular material for exterior siding, adding warmth and texture to homes that range from rustic cabins to sleek modern residences. Architects and builders turn to Eastern White Pine as a biodegradable, energy-efficient exterior finish that stands up to the elements and grows more beautiful with time.

Eastern White Pine Cushman Goose Farm 1

Cushman Design Group of Stowe, Vermont has incorporated Eastern White Pine into much of its architectural portfolio, showing off the beauty of this locally-sourced building material. For Goose Farm, a barn-inspired residence, Cushman Design Group chose band sawn shiplap Eastern White Pine in a translucent stain, giving it a weathered look that pays tribute to long-lasting wood structures found in the countryside all over the nation.

For the architects, Eastern White Pine was a natural choice in an environmentally conscious home that also features passive solar orientation, triple-glazed windows and superior wall and roof insulation.

Eastern White Pine Cushman Goose Farm 2

Why Eastern White Pine? Aside from its aesthetic qualities, this wood variety native to the Northeast United States won’t swell or shrink significantly with changes in moisture conditions. Its soft, smooth texture makes it easy to sand, paint and stain. It’s also an effective insulator against heat and cold, so when it’s used as exterior siding, it can help lower energy bills year-round.

Customers looking for building materials that are grown, harvested and processed with respect for the environment also love the fact that Eastern White Pine is grown in sustainably managed mixed wood forests. The trees are harvested once they reach an age of 80 to 100 years old, so they can grow tall, straight and strong.