Photo Gallery: The Rustic Beauty of Knotty Pine Paneling

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 2

Rich, warm and visually engaging, knotty pine paneling can transform any interior with its characteristic markings. Every single board bears the personality of the tree it came from, and the end result is a tapestry of texture and irregular patterns for an entirely unique look. Check out this gallery for some examples of how it’s used.

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 3

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knotty pine log home shoppe

Woodworkers Shoppe shows off log home applications of knotty pine paneling in a variety of beautiful interiors.

“All our knotty pine paneling is tongue and groove and end-matched for zero-waste. What is end-matched, you say? Many years ago we developed a unique tongue-n-groove design on the ends of the paneling boards known as “End-Matching”. After years of educating the public on it’s advantages, it soon became extremely popular with contractors and handymen. The end-matching demand became so highly recognized and sought after, that an industry standard was born!”

knotty pine buffalo lumber

Check out this unusual ‘grandaddy blue’ knotty pine paneling from Buffalo Lumber. “GRANDDADDY BLUE STAIN PINE’s distinctive blue-gray swirling colors are the result of a stain fungus that travels into the tree when pine beetles bore into the bark. Since the 1990s a large pine beetle infestation has spread rampantly forcing the cutting and processing of many trees before the mills were ready in order to limit the spread and salvage the dead trees before it was too late.”

knotty pine woodhaven 1

knotty pine woodhaven 2

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Woodhaven Log & Lumber, also based in Michigan, is a master of knotty pine. “Our products are made from some of the most remarkable timber in North America. Here, logs are steeled by the winter winds that blow off the Great Lakes, subzero temperatures, seasonal rains and long, hot summers.”

“As part of Woodhaven’s philosophy of preserving and protecting our natural resources for future generations, our suppliers adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.® From wood scraps to sawdust, we recycle all of the by-products from our milling process. We respect the wood, as well as our environment.”

knotty pine aschauer

Knotty Pine is also gorgeous when used to finish a ceiling, in contrast to drywall and other wall materials. Pictured here is the interior of Aschauer Construction’s Mountain Pine model. Aschauer is a custom builder serving Arizona’s White Mountains.

Gorgeous Pine Wood Panels in a Geometric Modern Interior

Pine Wood Interior 1

Naturally finished tongue-and-groove pine wood plays against modern shapes and bright white paint in this refreshing interior design by i29 Architects. Most people associate pine paneling with more rustic applications, like cabins, but the beauty of the wood is perfectly offset by strong angles and bold colors in more contemporary settings.

Pine Wood Interior 2

In this case, the designers created a space that features solid wood planks on an accent wall which is glimpsed through the architectural cut-outs in a white central volume that acts as both a room divider and a large built-in cabinet for hidden storage.

Pine Wood Interior 3

The geometric shapes offer a peek inside these cabinets – just enough to see the spines of books and edges of plates, adding some visual interest while keeping clutter at bay.

Pine Wood Interior 4

The pine accent wall continues from the ground floor up to the second level, providing a sense of continuity. The warmth of the wood brings a little character and a sense of comfort into what could otherwise be an overly cold-feeling space.

Interior Design Inspiration: Knotty Pine Paneling, 4 Ways

Knotty Pine Paneling Accent


Often associated with rustic applications like cabins, knotty pine is actually an incredibly versatile material, able to take on a wide range of finishes to create looks ranging from historic to modern. These four examples show the different ways that knotty pine paneling can be employed in a house, and suggests interior design styles that work well with each.

Textural Knotty Pine as an Accent

Perfect for: modern, ultramodern, contemporary

(Pictured top) Set against stark black and white surfaces, knotty pine becomes a textural visual accent, instantly drawing the eye and making the wood into a major decorative element in the space. Bates Masi architects incorporated what’s conventionally known as a more rustic or traditional material into a modern space that feels fresh and welcoming.

Rustic Beauty

Knotty Pine Rustic Charm

Perfect for: timber frame, cabin

No architectural style shows off the beauty of white pine quite like timber frame construction, leaving the framework of the building exposed, as pictured in this project by Whitten Architects. Combining timber frame construction with pine-paneled walls gives the sace an even more rustic feel that’s deeply connected to nature.


Knotty Pine Shabby Chic

Perfect for: cottage, shabby chic, beach house 

Whitewashed pine paneling has so much more character than plain white drywall, as seen here in a master bedroom by Kate Davidson Design Inc. Muting the wood tones and natural variations in texture, whitewashing has a more subtle and airy effect that’s great for beach houses and cottages.

Dramatic and Traditional

Knotty Pine Traditional

Perfect for: traditional, historic, European 

Dark wood-paneled rooms evoke a sense of history and tradition, especially when they’re used as offices or personal libraries, as in this example by Murphy & Co Design.

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Diagonal White Pine Paneling Gives a Fresh Look to Maine Cottage

Diagonal White Pine Paneling 1

Diagonally installed wood paneling can be a fresh, visually interesting, modern update on the warm, cozy wood-lined look. The lines create a sense of movement, making a room feel more dynamic than it would with horizontal or vertical paneling. In this case, it was installed in a gorgeous green cottage getaway on an island 20 miles off the coast of Maine.

Diagonal White Pine Paneling 2

Designed for a journalist and retired professor, who has owned the lot on this off-grid island for years, the cottage has lots of floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the views of both the forest and the sea. Most of the construction work on the home was done without the aid of power tools. (See more photos at Dwell.)

Want to get this look in your home? Wood paneled walls have made a big comeback in recent years, so there are plenty of inspirational projects online that’ll give you ideas of your own. Check out a gallery of diagonal paneling at, which features everything from dark and dramatic focus walls in a living room to modern bathroom installations.

Modern Pine-Paneled Ceiling at the Yountville Community Center

EWP Modern White Pine Ceiling 1

A striking modern ceiling at the Yountville Community Center in California is a great example of how creative you can get with pine paneling. Siegel & Strain Architects created paneled triangles that stretch up toward a central skylight for a light-filled, visually dazzling result.

EWP Modern White Pine Ceiling 2

The pine interior paneling is placed horizontally between vertical trusses, which are combined with cables to provide a strong structural support system for the roof. It’s a fitting addition to a forward-thinking structure that seeks to be as sustainable as possible, earning a LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

EWP Modern White Pine Ceiling 3

While in this case, the design is structural, it wouldn’t be too difficult for an architect to design a pattern with a similar effect on a smaller scale. How could you experiment with geometric patterns or other unexpected ways of installing pine paneling?


Eastern White Pine Paneling in Gorgeous Contemporary Bathroom

EWP Bathroom 1

The pale, highly versatile color and smooth finish of Eastern White Pine makes it a natural choice for wood accents in modern and contemporary spaces as well as more rustic applications. Inspirations Design Studio provides a stunning example with this restroom at the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Atlanta.

EWP Bathroom 2

Combined with smooth surfaces in white and gray, the wood becomes the primary visual feature of the bathroom, bringing a touch of nature into what could otherwise be a cold and impersonal space. The horizontal lines act as a decorative element, breaking up the expanse of wall.

EWP Bathroom 3

While tile is most often chosen for bathrooms because it’s so easy to clean, wood is more suitable for spaces that get wet than many people realize. The trick is in how it’s installed and finished. Most experts recommend using water-resistant tar paper behind the wood to keep moisture from getting trapped, and finishing the wood with a water-resistant sealant like linseed oil or urethane.

EWP Bathroom 4

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, wood can provide a helpful function in a space like a bathroom: absorbing sound. This can be especially beneficial in larger public restrooms that are adjacent to other facilities.