Curving Pine Plywood Partition Sets Off a Vaulted Interior in Barcelona

pine partition main

Providing both a separation of space and an earthy sense of groundedness in a stunning vaulted space, this raw pine plywood partition curves around the central living space of an apartment in Barcelona, Spain. Local architect Raúl Sánchez of RAS Arquitectura was charged with renovating the formerly dingy subterranean interior into a bright and livable home worthy of its seaside location, and it definitely looks like he succeeded on that point.

pine partition 1

pine partition 2

The space is just 600 square feet in total, and was totally undivided, with no private rooms. The renovation defines separate living areas without cutting off the gorgeous ceilings and their textural concrete supports, and the pine gives it a characteristic warmth to keep all that white from looking too clinical.

pine partition 3 pine partition 4

“The laminated pine dividing the walls highlight the items in the center of the space, while contrasting with the white surfaces of the existing walls,” says the architect. “This is the serene canvas against which future users will splash the colors and textures of their furnishings and belongings.”

pine partition 5 pine partition 6

“When we removed the worksite floodlights in early summer we found that natural light filled the space and bounced on the walls nicely, creating a very pleasant and comfortable humidity-free space which seemed much bigger than its meager 55 square meters.”

Pine Shines: Tranquil Writing Pavilion Retreat in a Brooklyn Backyard

writing retreat pine 2

When a writer sought a calm, meditative space free of the distractions of modern life, architecture firm Archtensions responded with a design that’s brilliant in its simplicity. The interior of this tiny, black-stained backyard structure is clad in nothing but pine plywood for a serene environment that encourages creative thinking.

writing retreat pine

writing retreat pine 3

Commissioned for a creative couple in Brooklyn, the small studio is set on a slightly elevated platform built up against the base of a tree. The glass door lets in lots of natural light, and a single window looks out onto the bamboo fence – a view that’s seemingly intentionally limited to avoid external stimulation.

writing retreat pine 4

The pine plywood pieces making up the interior are faceted in an organic, irregular fashion, leading up to a single square skylight focusing on the branches of the backyard tree and casting dappled sunlight into the space. The result is that of sitting inside an oversized gemstone. The combination of natural light and natural materials provides a warmth that just wouldn’t be present if the designers had painted over the wood.

Easy DIY: Build This Simple, Modern Eastern White Pine Playhouse

modern pine playhouse 1

Looking for an easy weekend project that’ll make your house more fun for kids? This playhouse can be made entirely from Eastern White Pine, and it’s simple enough that even novice builders can take it on. Offered up by Janice Andersson of Easy DIY, the Modern Playhouse uses affordable 16mm pine plywood to create a sloped-roof structure with eye-catching circular windows.

modern pine playhouse 2

Measuring just about four by four feet, it’s small enough to keep in the house, but the board materials can be treated with a suitable exterior sealer or varnish if you want to put it in the yard as an outdoor playhouse. In addition to plywood and a few pine blocks, all you’ll need to build the playhouse is some steel decking screws, cut screws, a drill, drill bits and a jig saw with a clean-cut blade.

Keep it raw for a look that’ll blend right in with even the most modern of interiors, or paint it to make your decor scheme. Get the whole tutorial at Easy DIY.

Cozy Australian Beach House Features All Pine Plywood Interiors

pine beach house 2

Continuing the trend of plywood as a minimalist finishing material for interior surfaces, this gorgeous beach house overlooking Bass Strait in Victoria, Australia has a modern rustic feel, with wood grain as its main visual focus. Set along the region’s famed Great Ocean Road, this single-story house by ITN Architects is made to stand up to the harsh coastal conditions while taking in the beautiful scenery from every room. Clad on the outside with silver top ash and rusted steel, the residence really shines once you step inside to take in all that lovely pine ply.

pine beach house 1

pine beach house 4

A spine shelving wall runs the entire length of the house, not only providing lots of space for books and objects but also framing art and photography. Strategically placed doors on some areas of the shelving offer a way to hide clutter, so the residents can show off their most display-worthy belongings. The unfinished plywood continues as the sole wall finish through the hallways and into the bedrooms, creating a cohesive flow to the space.

pie beach house 3 pine beach house 5

All that plywood is complemented by more and more wood in similar tones, including the wide-plank flooring, exposed ceiling beams and a simple farmhouse dining table. Other than the furniture, all there is to break up the expanses of wood surfaces are floor-to-ceiling glass walls taking in the dramatic scenery.

pine beach house 6 beach house elevated

Home to both a writer and a surfer as well as their three adult children, this home is both a casual beach house in an updated modern style and a refuge from the elements year-round, with the living room elevated on stilts to gaze out over the treetops.

Pine Plywood Takes Center Stage in Minimalist Home

pine plywood main

Gone are the days when plywood was considered a sub-material unfit for use as a final finish in a quality building. Modern architects and interior designers are featuring it as a focal point, highlighting its textures and natural patterns, especially when juxtaposed with stark white surfaces. This home by i29 Interior Architects in Bloemendaal, Netherlands is a prime example, using pine plywood for everything from the dramatic floating fireplace in the living room to built-in bunk beds.

pine plywood 2 pine plywood 3 pine plywood 4

The architects carried the use of plywood throughout the entire home, fostering a sense of continuity. Free of busy details like hardware and trim, the large, unadorned sheets of plywood have a tastefully minimalist feel. The all-white space would be far less visually interesting without the unfinished pine accent walls, shelving, niches and custom furniture.

pine plywood 5 pine plywood 6 pine plywood 7 pine plywood 8

Aside from its affordability and ease of installation, one advantage of plywood is the continuous pattern that splashes across its entire surface in a motif reminiscent of sunlight sparkling on the surface of moving water. The effect is subtle yet breaks up what could otherwise be a monotonous decor scheme.