Custom Adirondack Cabins: Eastern White Pine Tiny Houses

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The popularity of so-called ‘tiny houses,’ compact residences that are typically cheap to build and don’t require a mortgage, is more than just a passing trend. Thousands of people around the world are realizing they can live with less, downsizing into a small home to avoid the stack of bills that usually comes with home ownership. But we’re not talking about synthetic factory-produced trailers. Tiny houses can be even more impeccably crafted than conventional homes.

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Adirondack White Pine Cabins is one of many companies building tiny portable cabins that are easy to ship to your desired destination. Made of Eastern White Pine, they’re designed to withstand the harsh climactic conditions of the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York, and can be completely customized in terms of window layouts and styles, door locations, fixtures, stain colors, flooring and appliances.

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Just a few of these cabins are hand-crafted each year in the company’s New York facility. Optional features include full lofts with stairways, porches, gable roofs, built-in furniture and electric fireplaces. Most cabins start at roughly 400 square feet, with porches adding additional space.

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The cabins come fully equipped with four axles and a removable toe tongue so you can have it professionally moved at any time. Prices start at just $30,000.

Timber Frame Twist: Contemporary British Interpretation of Rustic Classic

British Timber Frame 1

What do you get when you cross American rustic pine timber frame architecture with traditional British sensibilities? The Wishanger Lodge, built on an old farming estate in Surrey, England, is the answer. When the mother and daughter owners purchased the property, it was little more than a collection of dilapidated sheds and stables. But they envisioned a barn-style home that took its inspiration from American timber frame structures with lots of exposed beams and warm pine siding.

British Timber Frame 2

The duo worked with Timberpeg Homes UK and Elspeth Beard Architects to create the rustic yet refined home of their dreams, with an open plan, airy interior full of vaulted ceilings and cathedral-like spaces. One of Timberpeg’s technical staff from America flew in to supervise the erection of the frame, which is made from sustainable Grade A eastern white pine.

British Timber Frame 4

The interior cladding has been left unpainted to show off the gorgeous post and beam frame. While most American timber frame homes are complemented with rustic-contemporary, lodge-style interiors, the owners of the Wishanger chose swirling metal staircases andcontrasting gray tile.

British Timber Frame 3

Explains Elspeth Beard Architects, “The design was very different from the usual house the Americans at Timberpeg had built before, especially the open gallery bathroom in the master bedroom. The timber frame was shipped directly from the USA to site and erected in just three days; within a month they had completed a weatherproof shell.”

Modern White Pine: Stacked Wood-Clad Boxes with a View

Modern White Pine House 1

Wall surfaces clad in white pine inside and out give this modern residence a clean, streamlined yet cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The Weinfelden House is positioned to the south for optimal views of the mountains in Switzerland and Austrla, designed as a series of stacked boxes that enable upper-level terraces looking out over the valley.

Modern White Pine House 2

Modern White Pine House 4

Stacking these volumes so that some areas are cantilevered makes the home seem to float over the sloping landscape, and create a series of voids and open spaces that play with light and shadow. The rectilinear shape provides opportunities for not just one but two wrap-around indoor/outdoor spaces leading to the glass-walled living areas.

Modern White PIne House 5

Modern White Pine House 3

Locally grown and processed white pine gives the home an organic appearance despite its sharp angles. Applying the pale pine siding both to the exterior and interior walls provides a sense of continuity, a fresh and simple backdrop set off perfectly with crisp black and white.



Mountain Style: Rustic Vacation Home Made of Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Mountain Log Cabin 1

When you think of a contemporary mountain log cabin, this is probably what comes to mind: large, rustic rough-hewn logs in amber tones, paired with stone masonry and a dark green roof. Mountain Construction Enterprises built this getaway in the Pisgah National Forest of Western North Carolina using massive Eastern White Pine timbers.

Eastern White Pine Mountain Cabin 2

The logs for this home weighed a total of 760,000 pounds, requiring 19 tractor-trailer loads to bring it all in. There’s no doubt that Eastern White Pine is the focal point, making up the frame, the ceiling, the staircase, the deck railings and nearly all of the walls.

Eastern White Pine Mountain Log Cabin 2

The diameter of these logs ranges from 12 to a whopping 28 inches, with particularly notable examples visible in the ceiling of the kitchen. The gleaming finish comes thanks to an environmentally friendly coating. All of the logs are hand-scribed with a modified saddle notch, with no chinking in the walls.

Eastern White Pine Mountain Log Cabin 3

Eastern White Pine Mountain Log Cabin 4

The highest quality craftsmanship is evident in every corner, paying homage to mountain traditions and the solidity of historic wooden architecture.

New Eastern White Pine Log Home Brims with Historic Charm

EWP New Historic Log Home 1
This log home complete with a rusted corrugated metal roof looks like a historic pioneer cabin, but get a little closer and you’ll see some contemporary details, like brickwork on the foundation and chimney. Created by Hearthstone Log Homes and built by Champion Construction, this new Western North Carolina home was made using rustic beams of Eastern White Pine.

EWP New Historic Log Home 2

The home was intentionally built in two slightly different volumes – the main rustic log structure, and a secondary volume covered in board-and-batten siding. This was done to make it look as if a historic log cabin had been added to over the years, giving it a sense of authenticity.

EWP New Historic Log Home 4

Inside, hand-hewn wood textures are virtually everywhere you look, from the exposed timbers and log walls to the paneled ceiling and pine plank floors. The wood was stained in seven different shades to add a sense of depth.

EWP New Historic Log Home 3

Far from a period recreation, the home has all the comforts of modern life, including contemporary appliances and beautiful design details like doors reclaimed from a monastery. See more cabins by this Tennessee-based company at

Squam Lake: Award-Winning Eastern White Pine Timber Frame Home

Eastern White Pine Timber Frame Main

Located on the shores of Squam Lake in Moultonboro, New Hampshire, this residence is a beautiful example of a timber frame home built with Eastern White Pine. The home was designed by Samyn D’Elia Architects as a vacation retreat that could accommodate the homeowners, their children and grandchildren, and received an Excellence in Architecture Award from the NH American Institute of Architects.

Eastern White Pine Timber Frame 2

The home is set back from the lake with a series of boardwalks spanning the distance from the dock to the beach to protect sensitive wetlands. The exterior features red cedar shingles and wainscoting of locally hewn granite, and the interior shows off the eye-catching Eastern White Pine timber framing.

Eastern White Pine Timber Frame 3

Each of the upstairs suites provides private space for the owners’ adult children, and includes an adjacent sleeping porch. The grandchildren have their very own ‘Children’s Wing.’

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Timber frame homes are making a big comeback, with a new report forecasting a 60% increase in sales volume and an 80% increase in value. More and more clients are requesting this rustic look for both year-round residences and vacation retreats. Eastern White Pine is a popular choice for timber frame homes for its aesthetic value, strength and affordability.